Privacy is very important at Talon Six Aerial.  We’re sensitive to the public perception of drones, and we work hard to show that drones are very useful and are great tools when used in accordance with the law. Here’s our privacy statement straight out of our Operations Manual (note that small UAS is the official term for drone):


It shall be the intent of Talon Six Aerial to make every reasonable effort not to invade a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy.  Talon Six Aerial small UAS pilots, operators and observers ensure the protection of private individuals’ civil rights and reasonable expectations of privacy before deploying the company’s small UAS. Small UAS pilots, operators and observers ensure and are held accountable for making certain that operations of the small UAS intrude to a minimal extent upon the private persons and businesses. To accomplish this primary goal:

  1. When the small UAS is flown, the onboard cameras are turned so as to be facing away from occupied structures, etc. to minimize inadvertent video or still images of uninvolved persons or property.
  2. Talon Six Aerial does not conduct random surveillance activities.
  3. Talon Six Aerial authorized missions are:
    • Photography 
    • Videography
    • Photogrammetry 
    • Object inspection
    • In situ site documentation
    • 3D modeling
    • Search and rescue
    • Support to emergency response agencies
  4. These operations procedures will be reviewed annually for compliance as well assessment of new technologies, laws, and regulations on UAS usage. This review will be conducted by Talon Six Aerial personnel as well as industry peer groups.
  5. Talon Six Aerial will operate strictly within the law and regulations. If in doubt, prior to operating the company’s small UAS, the pilot in command will ensure that the proper forms and authorization have been completed. We balance all operations with the need to accomplish the mission while maintaining public privacy and the freedom from intrusion.