Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you allowed to use drones for business?

A: Absolutely! Talon Six Aerial is authorized by 14 C.F.R. Part 107 § 107.1 to use small unmanned aircraft systems (drones) for commercial purposes.

Q: How can you prove this?

A: Our chief pilot (and only pilot) Matt Pignataro holds an FAA Remote Pilot license with a small UAS rating (certificate number 3909759). You can verify at this link.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes! Talon Six Aerial carries a $1,000,000 aviation liability policy on all of our drones.

Q: It’s so windy in Cheyenne! How can you even fly?

A: Per the manufacturer, our drones have wind tolerance up to 22 miles per hour sustained; we have successfully flown in winds gusting to 42 mph (that was a little scary though).

Q: How will my photos or video be delivered?

A: We can send you a download link, host your images on our servers, or give you physical media. You tell us how you want it and we’ll deliver.

Q: How will I be billed?

A: Typically you’ll get an email invoice via QuickBooks, but if you’re old school we can print an invoice (since Matt’s wife is a doctoral student, we have a pretty nice printer the size of a small refrigerator).

Q: When is payment due?

A: Within 15 days of invoice receipt unless you’ve made special arrangements. We can accept payment on site and take all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

Q: Cheyenne Regional Airport is in the middle of the city; isn’t flying within 5 miles of an airport illegal?

A: Talon Six Aerial was awarded an FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA 2017-WSA-831-P107) that authorizes us to operate in Cheyenne Regional Airport’s controlled airspace. This means we can legally and safely operate to gather the aerial data your business needs!