Drone photography is the one of the industries that has been disrupted by drones. What once required expensive helicopters and created a certain degree of risk to the photographer can now be done safely from the ground by drone aerial photographers.

Here’s just a few of the photography services we can provide:


Construction Progress

Imagine as a project manager being able to see weekly updates to your construction project.  Building your dream home and wondering if the roofing contractor is getting close to being finished?  No problem.  Talon Six Aerial can provide regularly scheduled construction monitoring allowing you to see progress from the comfort of your home or office.


Real Estate

Set your MLS listings apart by using stunning aerial views. Provide your clients with a detailed aerial map showing entire property lines, neighborhood amenities, and the beauty of the surrounding area.

We offer a basic real estate package for most properties that consists of a dozen high resolution, fully processed digital images for only $175.

2017-06-18 Rocking Star Ranch Aerial 02


Insurance Claim Documentation & Investigation

Making sure that your insurance company understands the scope of your loss can make or break a claim should such an unfortunate circumstance arise.  Using aerial imagery to document and record damage can help everyone involved to see the situation more clearly.


Promotional Materials

A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not tell your story through aerial imagery? We use the latest photo editing apps to create stunning images that can be used for flyers, posted online, or even printed in large format.


Photography post processing time is generally an hour for every 10-12 photos. Once processing is complete you will be provided with direct links to the images on our web hosting service, allowing you to embed the images on your website. If you prefer, we can also provide a USB stick or DVD-ROM with the finished photos.

Talon Six Aerial also can provide a wireless HD client monitor to give you a realtime preview of the images coming from the drone during the photo shoot. Got a specific angle you’d like shot? You can help frame the photo with our pilot by seeing exactly what the drone sees.