Using aerial data to inspect hard-to-reach areas such as roofs, wind turbines, cell phone towers, and more is one of the best uses of drones.  Not only is the new technology saving businesses thousands of dollars, using drones for aerial inspection is also significantly safer and more cost effective than traditional techniques.

In fact, a study conducted by the Army Corps of Engineers in 2011 cited aerial inspection as “one of the highest payoffs in facilities management” (Abdullah & McClellan, 2011).


We provide a high definition client monitor allowing you to see your inspected area real time and give input to our pilots on what you’d like to see.  The cameras on board our drones have both optical and digital zoom capabilities, so we can get the data you need while still maintaining a safe distance.  All collected data will be turned over to you after the flight, or if you prefer, post-processed to bring out the detail.  We can host your images online or give you electronic media of your choice.


Thermographic roof inspections are an area of expansion for us, so please email for additional information.