Who is Talon Six?

Talon Six Aerial, LLC is a small, family run business that was created out of a passion for small unmanned aircraft (or drones) and how the data they collect has revolutionized the way we look at the world at a fraction of the cost and risk associated with traditional methods. Whether it be to help businesses work smarter, capture inspiring photos, monitor construction progress, or create stunning videos, Talon Six Aerial stands by to help you. We serve southeastern Wyoming and northern Colorado.

Talon Six Aerial was founded by me, Matt Pignataro. In addition to being an avid photographer and longtime video editor, I’m a 22-year Air Force veteran who spent the latter half of my career working with unmanned aerial systems. My first experience with drones was directing ScanEagle operations in Afghanistan. Over the next few years my involvement at both the tactical and operational levels blossomed and culminated when I was on staff helping to craft Air Force policy for small unmanned aerial systems. I continue to be frequently asked for subject matter expertise on a variety of topics relating to small unmanned aerial systems and their applications. Creating this company is a natural extension of everything I’m passionate about.

I’m also one class away from completing a Master of Science in Unmanned Systems with an emphasis in Unmanned Aerial Systems applications from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I hold an FAA Remote Pilot certificate and have more than 250 flight hours in a variety of unmanned aircraft. I come fully equipped with a moderate OCD streak, a good sense of humor, and I make a pretty mean thin crust pizza (available with purchase and a lot of extra time).

Why Talon Six?  That was my callsign for one of the best jobs I had in the Air Force. Plus it sounds cool.

For inquiries, please email